USAirport Covered Parking at DIA

USAirport Covered Parking

Our covered parking has recently been expanded to roughly double its size from our current 550 spaces to about 1100 spaces - we anticipate that we will have good covered parking availability until Thanksgiving 2006, but you are always welcome to make a reservation. They are free and there's no obligation.

With the 2011 price increase to $21/day at the DIA structure, USAirport Parking covered parking is a particularly attractive option - by combining a discount such as the our Save $1/day Internet Coupon, a 10% discount with a King Soopers Soopercard, a 10% discount with a City Market Value Card, a 15% discount with the AAA Motor Club card, travel agency coupons, or many others. With the Frequent Parker Card, travelers can park for much less than the cost of the DIA parking garage. The discounts listed above cannot be combined with each other.

USAirport Parking's covered parking opened on April 5, 2004, and was expanded on July 14, 2005. USAirport Parking is the world's largest privately owned off-airport parking facility, with about 8,000 total spaces.

For the complete history of USAirport Parking, visit our History Page, which is probably the only complete Internet history of an off-airport parking lot. Almost, but not quite as exciting as The World's Largest Ball of Twine.

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