Colorado Mountains and West Slope:

Option 1: Take I-70 east to Pena Boulevard. Exit Pena Boulevard at Tower and turn left (north). You're there!

To return home from USAirport Parking after your trip, turn right on Tower Road as you exit the facility and continue south to 56th Avenue. Turn right on 56th Ave., then left on Pena, which will merge with I-70 westbound in about 2 miles.

Option 2: If you suspect that traffic or construction through Denver will delay I-70, an alternate route is as follows: Exit I-70 on I-76 in western metro Denver. Then exit I-76 on 96th Avenue eastbound (right) and continue east on 96th Avenue. 96th Avenue will jog south and become 88th Avenue, stay on the paved road (Don't worry-the correct road is fairly obvious). Turn right (south) at the stoplight on Tower Road shortly after 96th jogs south and becomes 88th. USAirport Parking is just south of 88th on Tower.

To return home from USAirport Parking after your trip, turn left (north) on Tower Road as you exit the facility. Turn left on 88th Avenue, at the stoplight approximately one mile north of the facility. 88th will jog north, and become 96th Avenue. Turn left onto I-76 from 96th Avenue. I-76 will merge with I-70 in western Metro Denver.

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