Going "GREEN" is all the rage of late, and in some cases there are a lot of good things happening. USAirport Parking respects the environment in all ways possible, while still bringing our customers great value. We will NOT promote or advertise any "green" initiatives that do not make things better for you, our customers! Here are some highlights:

Our diesel buses currently run on the cleanest diesel fuel we can get, but USAirport Parking recently took possession of two alternative fuel buses, running on CNG - compressed natural gas. We are testing those for fuel economy, emission cleanliness and maintenance issue. If all goes well, we hope to move to a complete fleet of alternative fuel buses as we cycle out older vehicles. In fact, USAirport Parking is the "ultimate carpooler" if you think about it: for every full bus we drive to DIA, we are taking seven or more cars off the road!

USAirport is testing some induction lighting fixtures around the lot. You may notice that some of the lights on the lot poles are flat and have a different glow about them. The new fixtures use less power and generate about the same output - much like CFL lamps do for your home - and last many times longer than incandescent lamps (so less waste!). If all goes well with this test and efficiency is proven, and the federal and state governments continue to incent the process, we hope to replace many more fixtures with these new induction units.

USAirport moved to a comprehensive, single-stream recycling program several years ago that has reduced the amount of "trash" we are throwing onto "trash mountain" every week. While we all love our mountains, we really can't think of a good reason to keep building more of them- out of consumer trash!

USAirport Parking is working together with our energy provider - United Power - to identify and test solar and wind power generation systems. At this time we seek further cooperation from United Power in the form of rebates and credits, as well as an attitude that encourages power customers to make moves such as these.

USAirport Parking has adopted a 2.3 mile stretch of Pena Boulevard; you may have seen the signs! We gather the troops a few times every years to clean up trash along Pena. We hope you enjoy the cleaner views! Keep watching for more news on USAirport Parking's "green" initiatives!

USAirport Parking is pleased to "give back" to our communities whenever we can. Here are some of our recent community campaigns:

Toys-For-Tots: USAirport Parking is an official donation collection station for the Toys-For-Tots program in November and December

FOOD DRIVES USAirport Parking has organized and promoted a large-scale food drive benefitting Food Bank of the Rockies for the past five years. Thanks to our customers, we have collected over four tons of food!

We are pleased to accept requests for "parking donations" to benefit worthy non-profit groups for auctions an fundraisers. We ask for plenty of notice with a written request, and an understanding that we can support a limited number of requests each year. Past support has included Susan G. Komen for the Cure, school programs, CSU Ram Auctions, and dozens of other groups.

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