USAirport Large Vehicle Parking


Pick-up trucks, vans, campers, and other vehicles which can fit in regular parking space can park at USAirport Parking. If your vehicle is taller than 8 feet, do not exit through the regular exit. Come into the office to pay, and we'll let you out the bus exit manually.


Heavy truck parking for Denver International Airport (DIA) is not available at USAirport Parking. If you drive a semi, large box truck, dump truck, etc., you'll need to park it elsewhere. We have concerns about the weight of heavy vehicles on our asphalt. And, it's difficult for them to exit, and our drive lanes aren't sufficiently wide for them to operate safely.

Try DIA's city-owned parking

The city-owned parking on DIA airport property has told me they permit truck parking, and I've see a variety of trucks and other oversize vehicles parked in the surface parking lots at the airport. It's $11/day for the economy parking lots next the parking structure, or $7/day in Pikes Peak, as of this writing. USAirport Parking does not operate the on-site parking lots at the DIA airport - You'll need to call the airport parking office at 303.342.7275 for more current parking rates, regulations and other DIA parking information. Also remember that DIA, in their on-airport parking lots, does not generally permit parking for more than 30 days, so you'll need to check with them for prior permission if you are planning to leave your big truck or other oversize vehicle for an extended parking stay.

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