USAirport Parking Rates and Payment

Current Rates

Open Parking - $2.00/hour or $10.00/day, whichever is less.
PREPAID Monthly Open Parking: $139.00 + airport fee
PREPAID Yearly Open Parking: $1,389.00 + airport fee

Covered Parking - $3.00/hour or $15.00/day, whichever is less.
PREPAID Monthly Covered Parking: $278.00 + airport fee
PREPAID Yearly Covered Parking: $2,778.00 + airport fee

8% Airport Access Fee applies to your total bill in addition to the above mentioned rate

Valet Parking is Extra

For All Prepaid Parking

Multiple exits and entrances permitted during one month of CONSECUTIVE days. Example: January 1 through January 31, or February 15 through March 14. Long-Term Contract Parking is available online, but it does require that you login, or create an account and then login. Please note that other discounts, including the Frequent Parker Program CANNOT be used in conjunction with monthly or yearly prepaid rates. Click here for more information.

Transportation between USAirport Parking and the terminal is included in the 8% Airport Fee.

Payment is made when you exit the facility, except for monthly and yearly prepaid parking. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and Travelers Checks are accepted. Checks are NOT accepted for parking, with the exception of monthly and yearly prepaid parking.

How Parking Charges are Calculated

Parking charges are based on a 24-hour day; beginning at the time you enter the facility. There is a 15-minute grace period. A fractional amount of time beyond a day, but less than 4 hours is charged at our hourly rate of $2.00/hour for open parking or $3.00/hour covered. Beyond four hours, customers are charged for an additional day. For example, if parked uncovered ($10.00/day and $2/hour) on Monday, January 1st at 1 PM, and exit on Tuesday, January 2nd at 2 PM, you would be charged $12.00 plus applicable airport taxes.

All airport parking facilities for Denver International Airport, and all that we are aware of in the United States, charge for parking using this basic method. Partial days, beyond a short grace period, and a brief period of hourly rates, are charged at the full day rate.

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