USAirport Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time should I allow between the time I arrive at your lot and when I arrive at my skycap?

A: Give us about twenty minutes from when you pull onto our lot, until you arrive at your skycap (curbside check-in). Our buses run about every 7 to 10 minutes, and it’s about a 10-minute drive to the terminal from our facility. If you have been parking at the city-owned lots on the airport itself, you generally won’t need to allow extra time to park with us. Our system of directing all customers to a row with available parking saves time, and we will drop you off right at your airline check-in, eliminating the time spent walking through the large parking lots at DIA. Many customers are pleasantly surprised when they discover that they got to check-in faster with us than at the $24/day close-in parking at DIA: The convenience of being dropped off at check-in and not hunting for a space saved more time than the brief wait for our bus to load and depart USAirport PARKING.

Q: If I want to be at DIA 8:00 A.M. what time do I need to be at US Airport Parking?

A: Our buses run about every 7 to 10 minutes, 24 hours per day. It’s about a ten minute ride from our facility to curbside check-in. Therefore, if you give us about twenty or twenty-five minutes from when you pull onto the facility you should be just fine-Show up at 7:35 or 7:40 to arrive at check-in at 8 AM. We operate a large bus fleet and are quite consistent about our times from USAirport Parking to the terminal. It’s the amount of time that you spend the terminal that’s really variable. Check with your airline for their recommendation – that’ll probably be overly conservative, but, of course, if you show up later, that will be the one time you hit a slow security line…

Q: In April my wife and I hope to park our vehicle at your location as we will travel to Europe. To properly plan our timely arrival at the British airlines desk, can you inform me of the time it will take to park our vehicle and travel time to the British airlines location.

A: USAirport Parking buses run to and from the terminal about every 7 to 10 minutes. It’s about a ten minute ride from USAirport Parking to the terminal building, so we ask that you allow about 20 minutes from when you pull onto the facility until you arrive at British Airways. We are open 24 hours a day, employ over 100 people, and operate 22 shuttle buses, depending on business volume. The variability in the time it takes USAirport Parking to get you to the terminal will be very small. If you get on a bus that’s leaving right then for the terminal, you could be there in ten minutes; fifteen minutes is typical, twenty minutes occasionally, and longer than twenty or twenty-five minutes would be very, very unusual. However, delays at the airport itself, due to increased security, have been highly variable as procedures and travel volume change. British Airways may have security procedures that domestic carriers do not. It’s impossible for me to predict how long ahead of scheduled departure you should arrive at the airport. Your best bet is to contact your airline a week or two before your trip for current information on check-in and security procedures.

Q: Do I need to call for a bus to pick me up at the airport?

A: USAirport PARKING buses run continuously from 7 AM until 12 midnight From DIA to USAirport PARKING. From 7AM until Midnight, do not call for pick-up: Simply go to island 3, level 5 (same level as baggage claim), and wave at our well-marked bus as it approaches (detailed written instructions for pick-up are provided by our driver when you park). For service from DIA to USAirport PARKING between 12 midnight and 7 AM, call for prompt pick-up. Our buses run continuously FROM USAirport PARKING to DIA 24 hours a day, there is no need to call for service from USAirport PARKING to DIA, a bus will meet you at your car anytime of day or night.

Q: Can I use more than one form of discounting? Can I use the SooperCard discount and this coupon I got from my travel agent together?

A: Sorry, only one form of discounting is generally allowed.

Q: My flight won’t get back in until 1 AM? How long will it take me to get a bus at that hour?

A: Generally, our pick-up is about as fast at 1 AM as any time of day. Although we run fewer buses at that hour, we have fewer customers, so your wait time will usually be around the 7 to 10 minute standard we’ve set. Please remember that you need to call for pick-up from DIA between 12 midnight and 7 AM.

Q: My flight leaves at 7 AM. That means I’ll be getting to your facility before 6 AM. Should I allow extra time for the bus because it’s so early?

A: DIA is an “early airport”- many flights depart in the early morning, particularly on weekdays, so business travelers can make meetings in the Eastern Time Zone. We have a large crew on quite early (we begin supplementing our graveyard drivers with the day shift at 3 or 4 AM), and you’ll find buses departing rapidly and plenty of staff here at 5 or 6 AM.

Q: Do you have covered parking?

A: But of course! Our covered parking provides a shelter over your vehicle to protect it from the outdoor elements. Our drive lanes are not covered so on occasion snow can make its way under the rooftop.  Upon return, Covered Parking customers are dropped off before uncovered customers but after Valet customers. Give it a try!

Q: Can I sign up/pick up the frequent parker card at your location? I will leave town tomorrow so there is no time to send it to my home.

A: Yes, as of November 2011 you can pick up a Frequent Parker Card at the facility exit from the cashier. Cards can no longer be requested online so there is no option of mailing the card to you. The cards are now structured with the use of points and not punches. For every dollar spent you receive 1 point and after 7 days of parking you receive one free day. The number of points received and redeemed will depend on the daily rate that you pay at each visit.


A: USAirport Parking buses meet all customers at their individual cars, and offer luggage assistance to all customers. We drop off at curbside check-in (the skycap) for your airline, and we’ll give you a hand with your bags there as well. If all the help you need is luggage assistance, or a hand getting on and off our regular shuttle bus, our regular system will work fine for you. If a member of your party is in a wheelchair, and needs a wheelchair lift to get on and off the bus, we have a bus with a wheelchair lift available. However, it’s only one of our 24 buses (the lift takes about half of the available seating in a bus, so we don’t run a whole fleet of them). If you don’t need the wheelchair lift bus, it’s faster and easier for all concerned to simply use regular procedure. If you do need the wheelchair lift bus, please call us on the day that you plan to travel (if you’ve got a cell phone, calling about 45 minutes before arrival would be best-if not, call us when you leave Nebraska) and we’ll try to have the bus in position on our lot when you arrive (we’ll try to avoid having the bus at DIA when you arrive). We generally try to avoid using the wheelchair lift bus unless we need it (due to it’s reduced seating capacity, it’s not as useful in regular service as our other buses) , and leave it on our facility. However, if we have other buses down for repairs or routine service, or are really busy, we sometimes use it in regular service.

Q:I am interested in using your parking service, and I would like to know if I would be allowed to purchase a parking pass for a month, even though I do not plan on keeping my car parked that long?

A: Yes, you can purchase a monthly pass even if you don’t stay a month. The monthly pass allows you to come and go as you please for the next 30 days; some people stay the entire month, some stay less, and we have a number of company cars that come and go with out-of-town travelers several times during the month. If you are planning to stay for a lot less than a month, the Internet Coupon and the Frequent Parker Program may be a better deal for you-these two programs can be combined. If you do decide that the monthly pass is the best option for you, remember that it is a prepaid option: Come to the office (straight ahead from the entrance) instead of going to the lane in which the bus is loading. We’ll get you your monthly pass at the office, we’ll have you park near the office, and the next bus heading to the airport will meet you there. It won’t take much time, customers are generally on the same bus that they would have been on had they gone to the loading lane.

Q: I am leaving in early May and will be gone for about three weeks. Is there any problem leaving a car in your lot that long? Can you give me a jump if the battery has gone down? Also, can I cover the car with a car cover, it is a convertible?

A: No, you can park for as long as you would like. If monthly prepaid parking would benefit you (for 21 days, I think you are better off to use the Internet coupon and Frequent Parker Card, and not do monthly prepaid), stop by the office to prepay, otherwise just park normally. And yes, you can use a car cover. It gets windy out by DIA, make sure you secure it well. We do complimentary jump starts and/or tire inflation almost everyday. Won’t be a problem, we are there 24/7.

Q: I have a flight at 6:30am on Thursday March 7th. Do you have a shuttle that leaves around 4:30 am?

A: We are open 24 hours a day, and our shuttles run to DIA continuously about every 7 to 10 minutes 24 a day. Our return shuttles from DIA to USAirport Parking operate 24 hours a day as well: They run continuously about every 7 to 10 minutes from 7AM to 12 midnight: Customers call for prompt pick-up from DIA between 12 midnight and 7AM. We’ll have bus waiting for at 4:30. Since the recent increases in security and increased check-in time, we’ve been adding to our night crew starting at 4AM. DIA has always been a “early airport,” because of the large number of business travelers going to the East Coast, and we’ve always had sufficient staff on early in the morning to handle the demand.

Q: Are your buses wheelchair accessible?

A: We have one wheelchair accessible bus. For the best possible service, please let us know about what time you plan to arrive (If you can call on your way to DIA, the time would probably be most accurate), and we’ll try to have it ready for you (Generally, we try to leave on our lot unless we have a customer t hat requires assistance, since it has relatively limited seating-several seats are removed to make room for the lift. However, a high volume of traffic or mechanical problems with other buses force us to occasionally use the wheelchair bus in regular service). On your return trip from DIA, it’s usually best to give us a call en route to baggage claim, and we’ll have some lead time to get the bus in the right position to pick you up.

Q: Do you have parking in Colorado Springs?

A: Despite our national sounding name, USAirport Parking only has one location: at Denver International Airport. The Springs airport changed their web address; it’s in with the rest of city government now. I appreciate your bringing this to my attention. Colorado Springs Airport gets you to the parking information for COS. I’m relatively certain that there is no off-airport parking at Colorado Springs; the low cost of on-site parking, and limited travel volume at that airport would, in my opinion, make off-airport parking economically impractical.

Q: Will your shuttle run me to the Fairfield Inn if I use your facility?

A: Unfortunately, our buses can only go to and from the airport. To transport passengers elsewhere, such as the denver international airport hotels, would delay those customers who want to go directly to and from DIA. I’m sorry that we couldn’t accommodate your request.

Q:Just out of curiosity, how many acres is your DIA location?

A: Our DIA location is about 60 acres of paved parking, and our maximum capacity is about 8,000 spaces. To the best of my knowledge (good stats on this are hard to find), USAirport Parking is the largest private airport parking facility in the USA, with the exception of two large lots near the Detroit Airport.

Q: What is your policy on lost tickets since I would appear to have lost mine somewhere on the journey between Denver and London. I do have the airline ticket stubs and receipts so I can at least show when I entered your facility.

A: Please leave your parking ticket (the one your pull at the gate) in your car- you don’t need it on your trip. The locator slip which the driver provides you has all return instructions. If you don’t have your ticket, please provide us with your travel documents to verify the length of your trip.

Q:Here is my plan: My friend is coming into DIA on Air Canada on the 24th. I want to park at USAirport Parking, take the shuttle, pick him up, and use the shuttle to return us to my car. Is this possible? I would only be staying a few hours and would need to be dropped near the part of the terminal where customs is (?). Is this an acceptable way to use your service? Or do you only allow people who are flying to park there?

A: Yes, you can park with us to pick up your friend, and we have a number of customers who use our service for this purpose. We charge $2/hr for hour for very short term open parking or $3/hour covered, with a maximum of $10/day open or $15/day covered for each 24 hours, in the event you were parked with us for over 3 hours open or 4 hours covered. We do ask that customers using our shuttle service leave their cars with us-the free shuttle service is intended for the use of paying customers. You don’t need to tell us that it’s short term parking when you arrive; all customers are parked in the same place regardless of the intended length of their stay at USAirport Parking, and parking costs are automatically calculated based on time (with the exception of monthly or yearly prepaid parking). There is no “short-term” or “long-term” lot or procedure at USAirport (unless you plan to stay nearly a month or more, and want to use monthly or yearly prepaid parking). Our buses drop off at all airlines on the fifth level (level 5). Due to enhanced security, only customers with tickets are allowed through security screening, so you’ll have to meet your friend on the “public” side of the security check points at the terminal. The airport generally recommends meeting people at baggage claim for the airline that they are traveling on- Air Canada uses baggage carousel 18. However, they did suggest that you might want to meet your friend at customs, which is at the north end of level 5. Your USAirport Parking driver will ask what airline you are on; simply tell your driver that you picking up a passenger at customs, and need to go to the north end of level 5. I don’t think it will matter whether you are dropped off east or west side, your walk should be about the same either way.

Q: Can I use two different Credit Cards to pay for one parking charge?

A: YES! Please let your cashier know as you BEGIN your transaction and we will be happy to split your transaction for you. And if you have any coupons or discounts, please hand those over at the beginning of the transaction as well.


I had a late flight in and didn’t get to the parking lot till 1:30 am. went to unlock car with remote and remote was dead. i couldn”t unlock car with the key. So here i am early morning hrs and burnt out from traveling for 10 hrs.An employee who just happened to be getting off her shift actually offered me a ride home to northglenn. How offended does that happen? we had never met but yet she took the chance to go out of her way to get me home. Of course i went back the next day and left her a nice tip!! I highly recommend to anyone to park your car at this business.They went way beyond the call of duty. Thanks A…..a, so are a sweetheart and savior!!!

- wayne

I live in Thornton so it’s an easy drive to USA and convenient for me to park
there. Really like the fact that they help you on extended stays with their coupons. Never wait very long for the shuttle either at USA or the airport.

- Shawn

Apparently we left our drivers side window down when we headed to the Denver airport. We arrived back at USAirport parking 8 days later to find the drivers door had been bagged and taped up. Nothing was missing and We couldn’t ask for better service. . How lucky we are in today’s world that integrity is a vital part of USAirport parking. Thank you to everyone who is employed at USAirport parking and we promise to check the windows before we jump into the shuttle

- Cheyenne Family

I love this place! They have taken such great care of me. My car had and flat and the battery was dead and they had it all taken care of before I even got off the shuttle. Every time I speak with a REAL person. The staff is wonderful. I am a customer for life.

- Clare Brofford

This is a great place to park. Prices are reasonable for covered parking and the drivers are helpful and friendly.

- Steve H

On our way to DIA on 7/08/17 a vehicle in front of us dropped a bag which
we ran over. We made it to USA parking before it went totally flat. The shuttle driver immediately called maintenance and he was there within minutes .He said they would plug it & watch to make sure it held. Leave the keys and pick them up at the office on our return. A couple days later
we received a call saying the tire was fixed. When we returned from our trip on 7/13/17 the shuttle dropped us off at the office to pick up keys, we
were offered coffee and a smile. We were then taken to our repaired vehicle. Everyone connected with our venture went above and beyond. I only wish I had taken down all the names of those who helped us. All of this done at “NO CHARGE” Thanks to all of you for your kindness and care at a stressful time. We have always parked at USA & obviously will continue to do so and will highly recommend you to others.

- Richard Marcum

I got off the shuttle on my trip back and the driver noticed I had a flat tire and contacted someone to come help me immediately. Another person was there in less than 5 minutes and aired up the tire but found a nail. He had me follow him to their shop for their own vehicles and that person took the nail out and patched up the hole. I was in and out of there in no time at all with no extra charge. I’ve been using this service for years but they really went above and beyond for me this time when I needed help.

- Jennifer McCarn

USAirport Parking is always fast and friendly. I would recommend the service to anyone flying out of DIA.

- Robert

I have used USA Parking many times. I use to do a shuttle from Fort Collins but it cost much more and did not get there at the time they said and was not a secure place to park. This is much easier, cheaper, and safer. The people have always been very nice and helpful. I recommend this place to any going to DIA, it is g

- Bill Edwards

A great place to park. Shuttles are quick and all personnel are helpful and friendly.

- John Lewis
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