$3.00/hour or $15/day
Prepaid Monthly: $278.00
Prepaid Yearly: $2778.00

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$2.00/hour or $10/day
Prepaid Monthly: $139.00
Prepaid Yearly: $1389.00

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Valet Uncovered


$2.00/hour or $14.00/day

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Valet Covered


$3.00/hour or $19.00/day

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*Rates do not include 8% airport access payment

Rate Calculator

USAirport Parking Rates and Payment

Daily parking rate customers are charged upon exit for all days/ hours parked. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and travelers check. We DO NOT accept checks for daily parking.
*Hourly Parking rates are charged up to 4 hours, after 4 hours, you are then charged for a full day.

Transportation between USAirport Parking and the terminal is included in the 8% Airport Access Payment.

Monthly/ Yearly Rates

For our more frequent parkers, we do offer monthly and yearly prepaid rates. Included in those rates are unlimited exits and entrances for the duration of your prepaid plan. Please note that coupons and other promotions such as our Frequent Parkers Program cannot be used in conjunction with our monthly/yearly rate plans.

How Parking Charges are Calculated

Parking charges are based on a 24-hour day; beginning at the time you enter the facility. There is a 15-minute grace period. A fractional amount of time beyond a day, but less than 4 hours is charged at our hourly rate of $2.00/hour for open parking or $3.00/hour covered. Beyond four hours, customers are charged for an additional day. For example, if parked uncovered ($10.00/day and $2/hour) on Monday, January 1st at 1 PM, and exit on Tuesday, January 2nd at 2 PM, you would be charged $12.00 plus applicable Airport Access Payment.

All airport parking facilities for Denver International Airport, and all that we are aware of in the United States, charge for parking using this basic method. Partial days, beyond a short grace period, and a brief period of hourly rates, are charged at the full day rate.


I had a late flight in and didn’t get to the parking lot till 1:30 am. went to unlock car with remote and remote was dead. i couldn”t unlock car with the key. So here i am early morning hrs and burnt out from traveling for 10 hrs.An employee who just happened to be getting off her shift actually offered me a ride home to northglenn. How offended does that happen? we had never met but yet she took the chance to go out of her way to get me home. Of course i went back the next day and left her a nice tip!! I highly recommend to anyone to park your car at this business.They went way beyond the call of duty. Thanks A…..a, so are a sweetheart and savior!!!

- wayne

I live in Thornton so it’s an easy drive to USA and convenient for me to park
there. Really like the fact that they help you on extended stays with their coupons. Never wait very long for the shuttle either at USA or the airport.

- Shawn

Apparently we left our drivers side window down when we headed to the Denver airport. We arrived back at USAirport parking 8 days later to find the drivers door had been bagged and taped up. Nothing was missing and We couldn’t ask for better service. . How lucky we are in today’s world that integrity is a vital part of USAirport parking. Thank you to everyone who is employed at USAirport parking and we promise to check the windows before we jump into the shuttle

- Cheyenne Family

I love this place! They have taken such great care of me. My car had and flat and the battery was dead and they had it all taken care of before I even got off the shuttle. Every time I speak with a REAL person. The staff is wonderful. I am a customer for life.

- Clare Brofford

This is a great place to park. Prices are reasonable for covered parking and the drivers are helpful and friendly.

- Steve H

On our way to DIA on 7/08/17 a vehicle in front of us dropped a bag which
we ran over. We made it to USA parking before it went totally flat. The shuttle driver immediately called maintenance and he was there within minutes .He said they would plug it & watch to make sure it held. Leave the keys and pick them up at the office on our return. A couple days later
we received a call saying the tire was fixed. When we returned from our trip on 7/13/17 the shuttle dropped us off at the office to pick up keys, we
were offered coffee and a smile. We were then taken to our repaired vehicle. Everyone connected with our venture went above and beyond. I only wish I had taken down all the names of those who helped us. All of this done at “NO CHARGE” Thanks to all of you for your kindness and care at a stressful time. We have always parked at USA & obviously will continue to do so and will highly recommend you to others.

- Richard Marcum

I got off the shuttle on my trip back and the driver noticed I had a flat tire and contacted someone to come help me immediately. Another person was there in less than 5 minutes and aired up the tire but found a nail. He had me follow him to their shop for their own vehicles and that person took the nail out and patched up the hole. I was in and out of there in no time at all with no extra charge. I’ve been using this service for years but they really went above and beyond for me this time when I needed help.

- Jennifer McCarn

USAirport Parking is always fast and friendly. I would recommend the service to anyone flying out of DIA.

- Robert

I have used USA Parking many times. I use to do a shuttle from Fort Collins but it cost much more and did not get there at the time they said and was not a secure place to park. This is much easier, cheaper, and safer. The people have always been very nice and helpful. I recommend this place to any going to DIA, it is g

- Bill Edwards

A great place to park. Shuttles are quick and all personnel are helpful and friendly.

- John Lewis
Attention: Effective September 1, 2019 USAirport Parking will increase the current 8% Airport Access Charge to 10%.
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